Episode #4 - Weird Animal Suicides

In episode #4 I talk about:

  • Whale/Dolphin Suicides
  • Cow Suicides
  • The Bridge of Suicidal Dogs
  • The Forest of Suicidal Japonese

Episode #4 Related Stuff

Here's a very good video about the Overtoun Bridge of Suicidal Dogs (sounds like an item from an RPG)

Also a link for an article about the suicidal cows

CNN article on Aokigahara Forest where hundreds of japonese choose to commit suicide.

The following link contains images that are not the for the faint of heart.
You have been warned...
Aokigahara Forest

Episode #3 Related Stuff

As any normal person knows, the "bluetooth ear thingy" is obviously an earpiece... Morron...
Also, because of laziness, aka copy/paste the description of the episode showed for a few hours How I Met Your Mother as one of the themes.

Episode #3 - Modern Warfare 2

In episode #3 I talk about:

  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Mall parking lots 


No episode today, as our genius/author had a lot of boring stuff to study for an exam tomorrow.

Episode #3 will come tomorrow, probably recorded with the help of my iPod because I think I will be out for most of the day. How will that come out? We will see.
Theme will probably be Modern Warfare II (I know... I promised that before...) so stay tunned.

Episode #2 - Mastubating, Leroy Jenkins and Time travel

In episode #2 I talk about:

  • Drinking games
  • How I Met Your Mother 
  • Leroy Jenkins
  • Andy Rodick
  • Time traveling sabotagers, CERN and Ninjas
  • and frozen pizza

Episode #2 Related Stuff


Here's the link to the video blog I talked about. Check these guys out they are preety good.

And of course the amazing time traveling sabotagers.

By the way... I totally should have yelled LEROYYYYYY JEEEENKINS at the end of this episode. Totally missed the chance...


I submitted the podcast to a lot of directories today since it's time to start farming for audience, and I'm going to add it to the iTunes Store too.
By the way this is the image that will show on whatever podcast grabber you use.

Nice right?

  • Updates on Australian Open
  • And stuff...

Episode #1 - Haiti and the freaking NBC

In episode #1 I talk about:

  • How cool the Blog looks
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • NBC/Conan negotiations


    So I recorded and published episode #0, if you listen to it you will see the sound is kinda crappy. I think I solved that already so that should be all better for the next episode.
    Plus, as you can see the blog is done now. Nice red, grey and black template. I love it.

    OH... that's right... THE NAME!
    The podcast/blog has a name now. It's called Things I Care About or TICA for short. Sweet.

    On the next episode:

    • The Haiti Earthquake (that I forgot to talk about today)
    • More Conan Stuff
    • And much more.

    Episode #0

    In episode #0 I talk about:

    • Plans for the podcast near future.
    • Conan O'brien and the NBC
    • Australian Open
    • How hot is Maria Kirilenko

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