Looking for a job

(These are Euro bills by the way)

That's right... I am looking for my first job.
I'm not going to be too picky as I'm still finishing my law degree, and I really want to work as a lawyer when I'm done. So for now I will just look for something to keep me busy, earn some money and some experience to add to my curriculum to help it stand out latter.

I wrote my very small curriculum yesterday and now it's time to start looking for a job.

What I want:
Part time or Full time ending at 6 PM (because I have night classes)

What I don't want:
Call center

I will report back on my progress on this post.

Episode #22 - Cheese made from Humam Milk (ewww)

In episode #22 I talk about:

  • My flat tire
  • Human Breast Milk Cheese

Episode #22 Related Stuff

Looks cool hum? Still don't want to taste it...
Read more about it here and here.

Flat Tire

You know those days when you have 100 things to do and 100 places to go?
Today was supposed to be one of those.
And them...

Ahhhh Sh*t...

Result: Run, catch a bus, catch a train, catch the subway go to some boring classes and do the same to get back home.
Amazing how something so small as a hole on a tire can ruin a day.
Note:That's not the picture of my tire, I was in too much of a hurry to take pictures.

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