Episode #18 - Alice In Wonderland Review

In episode #18 I talk about:

  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Tim Burton
  • The cast
  • Christopher Lee
  • You can't see Alice's boobs!

Episode #18 - Related Stuff

Wonder what the answer for that recurrent riddle is? Yeah, so did I! Thank god for the Internet!
Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Christopher Lee on IMDB

Comments (or not...)

It came to my attention that the comments were NOT working on the blog... Mainly due to stupidity...
I apologize to those of you who tried to leave me a comment. All should be working now.

Alice Premiere

Being a huge Tim Burton fan I will obviously go see Alice tomorrow.
So you can expect a review latter tomorrow or maybe Friday (depending on how busy I am)

Episode #17 - Epic Beard Man aka Thomas Bruso, AC transit fight.

In episode #17 I talk about:

  • Epic Beard Man
  • The AC Transit fight
  • Thomas Bruso on Documentary

Episode #17 Related Stuff

The original video:

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