Episode #7 - i Pad Review / iFail

In episode #7 I talk about:

  • iPad flaws
  • How happy I am with my cable provider

Episode #7 Related Stuff

("So comfortable to hold...)


Engadget review of the iPad

Mad TV 2006 Sketch about the "iPad"

iPad = iFail?

Yep it's the theme for tomorrow.
iPad photos and features are all around the web and I must say... It's a giant iPod Touch.
Check back tomorrow for more.

And watch Steve Jobs presentation by the way.

Episode #6 - Bad science and science denial

In episode #6 I talk about:

  • Crazy (and dangerous) anti vaccination mass delusions
  • How to use article titles to mislead your audience (if your a bad journalist of course)

Episode #6 Related Stuff

Picture of the tree looking residues that are exposed by landslides.
(or "how an optical ilusion can make people say stupid things")

(click to see it larger)

Fox News article about the phenomenon. (just for funsies compare the link title to the article title and tell me if this is jounalism.)

Wikipedia article about anti vaccination - This section about events following reductions in vaccination is particulary important.

Secction about vaccination on the Science-Based Medicine website (that I highly recommend)

Upload Problems

Unfortunately I'm having problems uploading the podcast audio file to the usual server, which let me say: sucks

So episode 6 is delayed until I can upload it. When that will be? Join me in prayer to the Internet gods.

Very busy...

So as you can see no episode today. There will be one tomorrow recorded somewhere... probably some parking lot. Now that I think about it this makes me seem like a "professional of the sexual arts"...

So check back soon for episode 6.

Episode #5 - No. I'm not drunk!

In episode #5 I talk about:

  • Not very competent police officers
  • Conan's setlement
  • Azarenka Vs Svonareva and António Van Grichen

Episode #5 Related Stuff

António Van Grichen Website

I should have taken a photo of the cop to post here ehehe

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