Episode #11 - John Terry, Tiger Woods and wifes.

In episode #11 I talk about:

  • John Terry affair
  • Tiger Woods affairS
  • The despisable Howard Stern

Episode #11 Related Stuff

Wikipedia Page for Colt's player Jamie Silva

Stern? Really?

Please stop doing drugs LA dudes... stop...

Who in their right mind wants to see this guy on TV? Especially now with High-Def...
Howard Stern is a freeking idiot. He should be forbiden to talk to anyone... at all! Don't put him back on TV. And choosing him to replace Simon Cowell... 
Oh TV gods... let this be just a rumour...

Episode #10 - Defying Gravity, Lost and The Men Who Stare at Goats

In episode #10 I talk about:

  • Lost Season 6 premiere - Episode Review and expectations
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats - Movie Review
  • Defying Gravity - a great cancelled show

Episode #10 Related Stuff

Lost page on Wikipedia
Lostpedia - a Wiki devoted to all things about LOST. You can lose (no pun intended) yourself there... it's huge.

Trailer of The Men Who Stare at Goats

Promo for Defying Gravity (stupid ABC...)

Tomorrow on Things I Care About

New episode tomorrow.
I will talk about LOST last season and The Men Who Stare At Goats that I saw today and loved.

Episode #9 - Movies and reviews

In episode #9 I talk about:

  • Where Wild Things Are - Movie Review
  • Up in The Air - Movie Review
  • Sherlock Holmes - Movie Review
  • District 9 and the Oscar nominees

Episode #9 Related Stuff

Where Wild Things Are

Sherlock Holmes

Up in the Air

An Idiot I know

Let me tell you about an Idiot I know:

An Idiot I know recorded episode #8 of his podcast speaking to a microfone that was pluged to... nothing at all. He's an idiot right? There he was, headfones on, microfone in front of him, all of it rather silly since it wasn't plugged to any computer...
So what recorded episode #8 of this idiot podcast was in fact the built in micro of his laptop, which explains why it sounds that crappy.
I'm sure that when he discovers what has happened this guy will feel like an idiot.
Preety sure actually...

Episode #8 - Thank you Spirit and the Australian Open Finals

In episode #8 I talk about:

  • Spirit Mars Rover
  • Spirit Mars Stationary Research Platform
  • the Australian Open Finals
  • Andy Murray Crying
  • How much Nadal damages himself

Episode #8 Related Stuff

Earth Seen from Mars (click to enlarge)

Dust devils in Mars (click to enlarge)

NASA Mars Rovers homepage

ALL raw photos from Spirit

MarsRovers Twitter page

Australian Open

Australian Open is done. I can sleep again. Roger killed Murray and Serena did it again.

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