Episode #13 - Captain Phil Harris, Whatever Works and southern accent

In episode #13 I talk about:

  • Captain Harris death and the "Deadliest Catch"
  • "Whatever Works" movie review
  • Southern accent
  • True Blood

Episode #13 Related Stuff

Just hit play and listen to this girl talk... OMG!!! I would never talk to anyone else ahah (and she's not bad looking either)
(It's Anna Paquin in her character Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood)

Episode #12 - Endeavour, Obama and Goodbye Moon...

In episode #12 I talk about:

  • The Super Bowl Coin
  • The Endeavour mission (STS-130)
  • Obama's NASA Budget
  • No more man on the moon on 2020

Episode #12 Related Stuff

Here are today related links and videos:
NASA page on the flight of the Super Bowl coin in space

VIDEO - The last shuttle launch at night -Endeavour- STS-130 - 02/08/2010

STS-130 Mission Overview

Articles on NASA budget for 2011:
The Washington Post - NASA budget for 2011 eliminates funds for manned lunar missions
Taking a bite out of NASA
Blog post from someone that is working on the project


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