ISS radar shot

What is this crazy looking image?
Well it's a radar image of the International Space Station exactly 2 years ago. This was taken by the german satellite TerraSAR-X.
And looks awesome.

Episode #20 - Chuck Norris and F1 (not at the same time ahaha)

In episode #20 I talk about:

  • 20 Episodes!
  • Chuck Norris is 70!
  • Formula 1

Episode #20 Related Stuff

Twilight Fan watches trailler for the new movie

Warning this video contains loud shrieking (very loud shrieking)

Episode #19 - The oscars and agent Lisbon on House

In episode #19 I talk about:

  • The Oscars
  • Agent Lisbon (The Mentalist) on House

Episode #19 Related Stuff

Check all the Oscar winners here
IMDB page on Paranormal Activity (be warned, the movie SUCKS!)

I am sick as a dog

If I was black I this would look exactly like this.

I had planned to do an episode about the oscars today but it's kinda hard to to that when you need to keep your head inside the toilet.

Enough said.


Watching the Oscars... it's 5 AM now, I have to be up at 8 AM.
Someone is going to be grumpy tomorrow.

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