Looking for a job

(These are Euro bills by the way)

That's right... I am looking for my first job.
I'm not going to be too picky as I'm still finishing my law degree, and I really want to work as a lawyer when I'm done. So for now I will just look for something to keep me busy, earn some money and some experience to add to my curriculum to help it stand out latter.

I wrote my very small curriculum yesterday and now it's time to start looking for a job.

What I want:
Part time or Full time ending at 6 PM (because I have night classes)

What I don't want:
Call center

I will report back on my progress on this post.


Pie said...

Good luck. I hope you find one soon. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

lestat01 said...

Thanks! Worst part is definitely waiting for a reply.
I keep looking at the cell phone!

Bengbeng said...

you will find your own niche soon enough. in the meantime enjoy yr freedom

imelda said...

good luck to ur job quest.

NTW said...

Good luck! It's tough out there right now.

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