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(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)

Grade - A

Why do I choose Project Wonderful:
First of all you get to advertise for free. Yeah that's right! As every ad spot works as it's own auction, whenever there's no active bid on one of them, you can just bid for free (as most ad boxes don't have a minimum bid).
Second, you don't pay for click and you don't pay per impression... you pay per time.
This means that if you search the marketplace well you can find really awesome bargains.
Here's one example of one of the bids I have running.
(Click on the image to see it in full size)

Yeah, that's right.
I have, only on that bid, 252 unique clicks for a total of 19cents. (over a period of 42 days)

Now, you may be thinking "that sucks for advertisers!" Well... it depends.
For example, since Project Wonderful features geographical targeting (among other targeting options) US traffic is much more expensive then other geographical locations.
But... this is a guide to get more traffic not to make money.

The only reason I have Project Wonderful ads on the blog is that  I use that income to advertise there. In fact... I have never, ever put one cent out of my own pocket into Project Wonderful and yet I've been advertising with them for a few years now.
That is a big advantage in relation to Adsense for example in which you can't spend you money on advertising AND you have a very high withdrawal limit that small sites really struggle to meet (if they ever do), on Project Wonderful when you reach 10$ you can cash out.

By the way, if you are a Project Wonderful user you can probably get some free advertising in this website! Just go to our advertising page and chose the one or all the Project Wonderful ad spots available.

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(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)


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