How to get more traffic for your blog.

Every blogger, blogs because they want people to read their stuff or to make money, and that means you need traffic.

So if you're into this sort of things you've probably seen like one thousand lists of how to get more traffic to your blog and realised that they all say exactly the same stuff and that they don't help you at all!

Then you start to think "well of course they all say the same they just copied each other without even giving it a try".

At least I did... so I decided to create my own list with the things I did to get more traffic and how well those worked if they worked at all...
 This list will get updated with results and new ways to get traffic often.

1- Join Entrecard - My Entrecard Review
Grade - C

2- Use LinkWithin - My LinkWithin Review
Grade - B-

3- Make it easy for people to social bookmark your posts - How to do it and my review.
Grade - No grade yet

4- Use Twitter - How to auto-Tweet your blog posts and my review.
Grade - B

5- Comment on other blogs - My Review
Grade - No grade yet

6- Use a signature on forums - My Review
Grade - B-

7- Trade Links - My Review
Grade - B or F

8- Advertise on Project Wonderful - My Review
Grade - A

If you have any suggestions about something that I should add to this list, liked the post or just want to share your experience leave me a comment!
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