My LinkWithin Review

(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)


Grade - B-

Ok, first things first: What is LinkWithin?

LinkWithin is a widget for your blog that offers your audience a different way to navigate your blog. It adds a related posts option at the end of each of your posts, and it does it with thumbnails!
So if you go to any one of my posts for example Episode #20 Related Stuff at the end of the post you get links to Episode #19 Related Stuff, Episode #8 Related Stuff and Episode #11 Related Stuff  and it looks like this:

Now if you're thinking "that won't bring me more traffic!" You are right... but it will really help you to keep the visitors you get. Make them see more of your blog than just the most recent post or the 2 or 3 more recent posts.
Also because the visitor chooses which posts to see instead of just scrolling down the posts the odds that he gets to see those posts that are interesting to him are much better and so are the odds that he is going to return, or even subscribe.

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(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)


Warren said...

I'm brand new, but I already see why you gave EntreCard a C, but I think there are things I can do to bring that up to an A easily. Mostly by treating it as a community rather than a traffic exchange.

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