Use a forum signature to get more traffic for your blog

(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)

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You probably are registered to at least a couple of forums, right?
Most of those allow you to have a signature some in image, some just text. The idea here is to use that small space to advertise your blog.
This supposedly works better if done in a forum within your niche but I wouldn't know about that as my blog is quite generic and I really only use 2 forums that allow signatures and they're sports forums.

Here's my experience:
Description: It's an online game with a very active forum.
Sig type: Text Only
My Signature:
Things I Care About:
Podcast About... Stuff
Result: I see regular visits from this during the days in which I'm active there.

Description: It's a Portuguese forum about football
Sig type: Images alowed
My Signature:

Result: Even with the better looking signature, the fact that the forum has less users than the other one makes for less traffic from this source.

The animated banner that you see there is provided by FeedBurner

It's really cool as it's automatically update every time your feed is updated.

So of course the more active you are the more your add get's to be seen and if you are a heavy forum user and are not using it to promote your blog you are really missing on something as it is time you already spend on the forum so it takes zero effort from you.

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(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)


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