Trading Links - My Review

(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)

Grade - A or F

Confused by the grade? Don't be...
It's really easy to explain.

Text links are awesome! They are just great. Not only they bring you traffic, they also improve your PageRank that is used by search engines (Google per example) to determine how well your site does in the search results.
So there's two kinds of links on blogs: They can either be inside an article or post or they can be sidebar or blogroll. Either type is great...
So good text links: Grade A!

Here's the bad part:
They are freaking hard to get.
The one that aren't hard to get are just garbage.
I'm talking about those sites that let you trade links. I've been there. 99,9% of the sites there link to you in a page that is not even linked to their site, that contains like 1000 links and has zero content, nothing more than links. So you get a link in the middle of 1000 links on a page not linked anywhere and that no one will ever see.
Grade F!

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(this post is part of a series on "How to get more traffic for your blog".)


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